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Turn Your World Upside Down with Stranger Things

Turn Your World Upside Down with Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you’re definitely missing out on some good quality entertainment.

And if you’re still contemplating watching it, this might just be the push you’re looking for. 

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original Series. We’re keeping this article spoiler-free so you can still fully enjoy the series once you start watching it tonight.

Here are a few reasons why you should binge-watch Stranger Things now. 

It’s not your usual jump scare, senseless horror, mystery, thriller, sci-fi, drama show

You’ve probably seen some of your friends raving about Stranger Things on social media, and there is a good reason for that.

It’s really, really good. The story revolves around a small town in Hawkins, Indiana, around the 1980s that’s been struck by a series of strange events, starting with a young boy who suddenly goes missing. 

The series lets you know each character and how they contribute to the whole story.

It’s not like Game of Thrones, where each character instantly goes with or against the other.

Stranger Things allows you to cling to each character and witness how everybody grows as the story goes on.

It’s a story that reflects true friendship, just like how you and your friends go through hardships and troubles.

With each season having only about 8 or 9 episodes, you can be sure that each episode is jam-packed with crazy and thrilling action that puts you on a roller coaster of emotions, keeping you on the edge of your seat just waiting for the next scene.

The creators of Stranger Things definitely know their stuff

Stranger Things is created, directed, and executively produced by the Duffer Brothers, Matt, and Russ.

The twin brothers grew up with a love for watching films and TV shows like The Sopranos, True Detective, and Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick.

Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Stephen King also influenced the TV series.

You can expect this series to showcase some of the best thrilling, horror, and action scenes you can see in a pop TV show. 

The Duffer Brothers intentionally set the series in the 1980s. They mentioned that it was a time when government experiments started by the end of the Cold War and that it was a perfect time period for them to pay homage to the films they loved.

They wanted to bring back a simpler style of storytelling on how ordinary people experience extraordinary events and how these people can cope with or step up to the challenges they face.

They initially envisioned the whole TV series as an eight-hour movie or a big cinematic version of a Stephen King book where one person watches the series and continuously watches it. As Matt says, that’s the best way to experience the series.

There are a lot of familiar references

The Duffer brothers wanted to pay homage to their favorite films, and they did. You can probably say that Stranger Things is one huge collection of the most famous horror and thriller movies.

From Spielberg’s Poltergeist, Cameron’s Aliens and Terminator 2, to Dante’s Gremlins. In the context of keeping this article spoiler-free, we can only say that these references played huge roles in making the story more interesting. 

In the making of this series, the brothers even made the child actors read lines from Stand By Me to ensure they were who the Duffers were looking for. Even the games Silent Hill and The Last of Us took their parts in making this series. 

Stranger Things is a must-watch if you love watching films and series like these.

It highlights how you can rely on your friends and family during tough times, much like how Filipinos practice the Bayanihan culture.

Filipino watchers can also relate to the characters’ resiliency, just like how we can come up with ways to make sure we can bounce back from our troubles. 

You can watch Stranger Things on Netflix. They have also just recently launched the much-awaited season 4 of the blockbuster TV series. Watch it now with your friends or family and get the thrill of your life. 

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