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LOL! These TikTok Posts Capture How We All Feel About the RTO Life

LOL! These TikTok Posts Capture How We All Feel About the RTO Life

During the lockdown, there was a significant shift in the way we all worked. From spending an entire workweek in the office, most employees had to get used to working from home instead.

Today, three years into the pandemic and with most restrictions now lifted, more companies are announcing a full on-site or hybrid work setup for their employees.

Here’s the thing: Now that we’ve all adjusted to and become more comfortable with a WFH setup, it’s only natural that the workforce has mixed emotions about transitioning back to the RTO (return-to-office) life. Here are some TikTok posts that perfectly capture how the average employee feels about it.

  1. We all have that colleague who somehow makes RTO more exciting. Which one are you?
  1. Here are more types of colleagues you might see during your first day of returning to the office. Let them know who they are!

Manila is on Alert Level 1 starting today! How’s your back to office experience so far? 😂 #worktok #officelife #mood #foryoupage #fyp #fypph #xyzbca

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey
  1. Gone are the days when it only took 10 minutes from waking up to starting work. This video sums up how the work commute feels! 
  1. Don’t let the morning commute ruin your day. Instead, use it as an opportunity for you to rock out and sing along to your favorite tunes.
  1. Were you famous for your funny limericks during online meetings and work chat groups? Then here’s how you might get welcomed on your first day of RTO!
  1. We all know that we’re returning to the office for productivity. But while you’re there, why not play your classic funny pranks on your closest colleagues?
  1. We all have that workmate who always loved working from anywhere. And by anywhere, we mean anywhere! Here’s a glimpse of what they might feel when they return to the office.

How come people can teleport to other countries but I teleport back to the office?! #storyofmylife 😭 #fypsg #fyp #tiktoksg #traveltiktok #worklife

♬ original sound – Erich
  1. How did you react when your management announced that you will be returning to the office? This video has it all!

Find more TikTok Posts that reflect the way you feel, or better yet, why not make your own RTO reaction video? 

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