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Make Every Day Easier With These S23 Tricks

Make Every Day Easier With These S23 Tricks

Smartphones have evolved significantly in the past decade, and it’s definitely for the better.

From only having the capability of doing simple tasks like sending a message, making a call, or setting an alarm, they can now be used for remote working, distance learning, and digital banking.

Even with simple household tasks like ordering food or buying groceries, your phone can easily handle everything.

To raise the bar even higher, high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series can now help with accomplishing mini-tasks around your home and monitoring your health. Learn how the S23 can do this with our list of tips and lifehacks below.

  1. Automate your phone

Take better control of your Samsung S23 by customizing automated processes! With Bixby Routines, you can let your phone adjust its settings whether you’re at home or at work. You can even customize it and combine multiple actions.

For example, if you’re going on a bicycle ride, you don’t have to manually turn on your Bluetooth, open your biking navigation app, change your lock screen shortcuts, and change your volume settings. You can combine all these tasks and activate them all with just one tap.

  1. Control your smart home

If you have a smart home, the Galaxy S23 is ready to take charge.

By integrating Bixby Routines with SmartThings, your S23 has the power to remotely control your smart home. SmartThings is a built-in Samsung app that allows you to add multiple smart devices and appliances to your phone so you can easily manage them.

For example, you can have a perfect morning every day by instructing Bixby Routines to brew you a fresh cup on your smart coffee maker when your morning alarm rings. 

  1. Take care of your health

With Samsung Health, you can let your phone automatically track your daily steps without using any accessories. If you’re also the type of person who uses your phone before and after sleeping, the app can track your sleeping time. Aside from that, the app also has a built-in exercise monitoring feature that lets you know your total time and distance for your morning walk, jog, run, or cycle. 

To maximize the app and get more accurate and comprehensive health data reports, you can pair Samsung Health with wearables such as the Galaxy Watch.

  1. Capture clearer memories

One of Samsung’s main focuses for the Galaxy 23 upgrade was its camera. By improving the S23’s camera, it has become more reliable for low-light and night-time photography and videography. Samsung’s Nightography system is packed with premium features that will definitely bring out the shutterbug in you. 

With the upgraded camera, you can take better pictures at any time of the day. You can take clearer photos of notes that you have to review for school or work. Take crisper photos of signs or reminders that you have to keep in mind. Or simply take clearer photos of you and your loved ones on all of your night-outs. 

  1. Smart Switch

Lastly, let’s discuss how Samsung has made it easier for you to transition to the new S23 Series. If you’re worried about upgrading because of the tedious task of manually transferring your files, apps, settings, and customizations from your old Samsung phone to your S23, you can let Smart Switch do all of that for you.

Smart Switch is a built-in app that can sync all of your old Samsung phone’s data to your new S23. Once your phones sync, all your apps, home screen layout, and even your wallpaper will be copied to your new phone. All you have to do is to log back into all of your accounts.

When buying a phone, consider it as an investment. Learn how well you can use its features and how it can help you make your life better and easier. And that’s what makes the Galaxy S23 a perfect phone. It has the power to do everything a regular smartphone can, but it is also capable of doing so much more.

Are you ready to get your own Samsung Galaxy S23? Avail a Smart Signature Plan for as low as P1499, and you can start by making your everyday life easier! Click here to check out all available variants and plans.

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