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Must-Have Gaming Accessories for 2022

Must-Have Gaming Accessories for 2022

Level up your game with cool and useful accessories or peripherals that help bring out the best player in you.

Whether you’re a PC or a mobile gamer, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see 10 must-have gaming accessories for the best gaming experience.

High-speed internet connection

For stress-free gaming, make sure you have a high-speed internet connection that can support your online games. If your area supports fiber internet connection, you may want to use it. For mobile gaming, take advantage of SMART’s 5G technology for the fastest data connection so you can enjoy lag-free gaming all day, everyday. 

You may also want to subscribe to internet plans from Smart Bro. Get the latest 5G Rocket Wifi for only PHP 15,995.00 (one-time cash out) and enjoy internet speeds you’ve never experienced before. You can also get a Smart Bro Prepaid Wifi for only PHP 888.00 which allows you to access stable internet everywhere you go.

Mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards aren’t only about the satisfying sound of every click. They actually provide more stability due to their weight, making sure the keyboard stays in place while you’re playing your favorite games. Another benefit is that it’s long-lasting, and it usually doesn’t wear out easily. 

Normally, mechanical keyboards have 3 types of switches: linear, tactile, and clicky. Linear switches are typical for gaming as the keys only move straight up or down, and have no tactile feedback which means linear keys respond faster, and are usually silent. Tactile switches are keys that provide tactile feedback to let you know you’ve successfully pressed the key you want. While Clicky switches are nearly the same as Tactile switches, the only difference is that Clicky switches have a more distinctive clicking sound remisicient of typewriters.

This type of keyboard is generally capable of 30 million keypresses. You can also opt to customize each and every key of your mechanical keyboard to meet the demands of every game genre. 

Check these out: Razer BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless – PHP 4,599.00; Logitech G813 – PHP 9,799; or Redragon K617 Fizz – PHP 1,575.00

Gaming mouse

Some great benefits of a gaming mouse over a regular one are its extra keys and ergonomics. Built for the exacting needs of gamers, these devices also focus on accuracy with a DPI (dots-per-inch) selector, which allows you to increase sensitivity on demand. Gaming mice also feature built-in forward and back keys which can be useful when playing your favorite games. 

On the higher-end, a gaming mouse also allows programmable extra keys which you can customize depending on your gaming needs. When playing DOTA2, you can assign these extra keys for your dedicated inventory slots, or set certain in-game hotkeys.

Here are some you may want to browse: Logitech G502 – PHP 2,230.00; Asus TUF M5 – PHP 989.00; Redragon Predator M612 – PHP 695.00

Oversized mouse pads

If you like holding your mouse at different angles, using an oversized mouse pad is great for you. Hold your mouse on the right side of your keyboard, or even below. Aside from a cleaner aesthetic feel, extended mouse pads can help you play more precisely as it allows you to opt for a lower mouse sensitivity since you can drag out your mouse over a wider space.

You may want to scroll through these mouse pads: Fantech ZERO-G MPC900 – PHP 1,900.00; Fantech MPR800 – PHP 1,060.00; Razer Goliathus – PHP 3,119.00

Wrist support

Some keyboards and mouse pads offer wrist supports, but for those without one, consider getting it especially if you like gaming for long hours. Wrist supports, when used properly, can decrease the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s better to use padded support instead of solid ones as it provides better cushioning. 

Make sure you rest the bottom of your palms, and not put too much pressure on your inner wrists. 

Here are some options to choose from: Fantech Wristpad – PHP 225.00; Redragon P022 – PHP 400.00

Gaming headset

If you like playing MOBA games, you might know that game sounds play a big part in determining your game strategies. Gaming headsets can usually block external noise so you can listen more and focus better on your game. With games that require communication with your teammates, this type of headset may also come with a noise-canceling microphone so your teammates can hear you better.

Upgrade your headset to any of these: Corsair HS35 – PHP 1,995.00; HyperX Cloud Stinger – PHP 2,990.00; Razer Kraken X – PHP 2,079.00

Mobile phone gaming keyboard and mouse

Yes, you read that right – because sometimes mobile screens aren’t enough to make you reach your full potential when playing on your mobile phones. By using a keyboard and a mouse designed for mobile phones, you’re given an advantage in terms of control. You’ll be able to make faster and more precise movements, and you can react to in-game battles quicker. 

You may try using your current keyboard and mouse with this: Ipega Keyboard and Mouse Converter – PHP 649.00; Flydigi Q1 Converter – PHP 1,099.00. You may also opt to try this: Broad Sky 4in1 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse – PHP 937.92; G508 4in1 Mobile Game Combo Pack – PHP 729.00

Mobile grip and controller

For mobile gamers, a grip is a must-have. Using a mobile grip improves the ergonomics of your mobile phone which results in a more comfortable gaming experience. Some mobile grips also include triggers that you can set up when playing shooting games such as COD: Mobile. 

Get hold of these: Black Shark – PHP 199.00; ZUZG – PHP 705.00

Power bank

There’s nothing more irritating than when your mobile phone’s battery gets low and there’s no available outlet near you. Keeping a power bank handy will make you stop worrying about staying near a socket so you can play where you’re most comfortable. However, remember that it’s healthier for your phone’s battery to charge it while not in use.

Charge through your games with these power bank recommendations: Black Shark Power bank – PHP 896.00; Teclast T200 M Pro – PHP 859.00; Awei P48K – PHP 1,499.00

Mobile phone cooler

When playing high-intensity games, your mobile phone may heat up. If your mobile phone becomes too hot, your device may start malfunctioning. Aside from the lags that you’ll experience while playing, your battery health will also deplete and your phone might force itself to shut down. Mounting a cooler to your phone will help with overheating issues as it assists your phone in cooling down.

Cooldown your phone with our top recommendations: WASP2 Wing Pro – PHP 1,199.00; Realme Cooling Back Clip – PHP 1,590.00

There are a lot of other accessories you may use to improve your gaming experience. You can also go for a gaming chair, some racing wheels, or a virtual plane joystick. It all depends on the type of games you’re into. 

Download the Smart GigaLife app now and subscribe to data promos so you can browse through online shops and add your desired accessories to your virtual cart. And so you can have an internet connection to play your mobile games even while on the go.

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