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New Free Mobile Games to Play During the Long Break

New Free Mobile Games to Play During the Long Break

One of the best things about a long weekend break is being able to try new things. It’s an opportunity to relax and have fun while comfortably lounging at home or outside the city. Luckily, there are hundreds of new games that were released in 2022. 

In anticipation of the coming long weekend, here’s a list of new mobile games that you can immediately download on your phones. These games will keep you busy during the long break away from work or responsibilities, whether online or offline. It’s the right time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a game or two.

Mini Basketball

Sports fans, especially basketball fans, will consider this an excitable new game to play on their phones. It’s action-packed and features bright and colorful graphics along with simple game mechanics. 

The long break comes during the final matches of this season’s PBA and the nearing 2022 playoffs of the NBA. So it’s a timely game to pick up and play if you’re looking to experience more basketball. Mini Basketball lets you build your team, go up against other players online, and showcase your ability to make plays and win. 

Download Mini Basketball on Android or iOS

Gladiators: Survival in Rome

If you love survival games, building, and challenges, then this game is perfect for you. Set in Ancient Rome, you are tasked to fight your way through foes and grind through materials to build a city of your own. 

The vibrant setting and stylized graphics are enticing, while the story is interesting with its dramatic premise and historical bow. You play a man who has abandoned Caesar’s army and now lives his life as a fugitive. You will need to combat soldiers and create your own community to escape Caesar’s grasp. 

You can spend the long break trying to build your city as fast as you can, complete various tasks, and try your best to go forward with the game’s story. Its numerous features and mechanics—such as the combat system, management, city-building, and RPG elements—  will definitely provide long hours of gaming. 

Download Gladiators: Survival in Rome on Android or iOS

Heat Gear – Race & Drift World

Get ready, get set, and go with Heat Gear. This new mobile game was made to include high-intensity races and for players to really feel the need for speed. Heat Gear is not just your regular racing game, but also includes an open-world adventure setting as you travel to areas to play various modes. 

If you love the thrill of a chase, there’s “Escape the Police” mode that challenges you to make tricky and unexpected turns. There are other regular modes with Circuit, Time, Speed, and Free Drift. You can race your way, whether it’s the regular test of speed or going all out in ramming and jamming. 

Vehicle enthusiasts will love the large selection of car models to use around the track and in the world. Each vehicle is customizable to suit your taste and preferences and truly put your personality into the racing car. It’s a casual game that you can pick up whenever or in the mood for high-speed races and chases.

Download Heat Gear – Race & Drift World on Android or iOS

I’m Ping Pong King 🙂

Silly, addicting, and whimsical. This game takes note of the classing tap mechanic—wherein you simply tap your screen and perfect the timing—and puts it into an interactive virtual ping pong game. Using only two buttons, you can try your speed and reaction time in table tennis with this simple yet exciting game. 

The graphics use stickmen as the game’s players. Though everything is made to be simple, ping pong is still a challenging game that tests your abilities against 50 Non-Player Characters for an opportunity to be king of the game. Whenever you find yourself with nothing to do but looking for a quick and fun activity, then I’m Ping Pong King is the game for the job.

Download I’m Ping Pong King 🙂 on Android or iOS

Haunted Laia

Games aren’t just about the challenges, the races, or the quests—sometimes, it’s also about the story and art. Haunted Laia is a short interactive storytelling puzzle game that tasks players to solve a complicated mystery. Presented like a graphic comic, you must find the missing family members who were kidnapped by the ghosts residing in a haunted mansion by solving clues and puzzles. 

This game is perfect for players who love compelling stories, captivating art styles, and challenging puzzles that test their brains. Haunted Laia’s free version is short but a paid version unlocks further stories and chapters if you’re interested in more.

Download Haunted Laia on Android

So game on this long weekend and download the GigaLife app now and avail data promos for a fast, lag-free, and smooth gaming experience.

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