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How to Do Visita Iglesia Safely for Holy Week 2022

How to Do Visita Iglesia Safely for Holy Week 2022

Visita Iglesia is a tradition for most families observing the Holy Week. It’s an opportunity to visit different churches around the area and appreciate the architectural surroundings while commemorating the Christian holiday.

However, despite the ease of restrictions, it’s understandable that some may still prefer to avoid crowded areas for fear of catching the COVID-19 virus. Especially for individuals with underlying conditions or those living with the elderly, it’s better to stay at home and observe the Holy Week safely. Though the term Visita Iglesia means to visit churches, technology today has made it possible to do so virtually. 

Here are a few websites that you can use to observe the Holy Week in the safety and comfort of your home:

Google Maps

Do your Visita Iglesia with Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most valuable tools to virtually go anywhere in the world. With its ability for users to roam around the area, it’s like going on a virtual adventure with a tap or a click. Google Maps has been used since the beginning of the lockdowns as an innovative way to attend Visita Iglesia—until today, it’s still the tried and true way to go on a Virtually Iglesia effectively and fun.  

As Google Maps is the commonly used source, there are user-generated maps made by media and church groups that you can use. Google Maps interface is also straightforward and user-friendly. Simply type the church you would like to visit, and you will find an option to zoom in to the area using the Street View feature and see an interactable photo.

 Furthermore, with this platform, you are able to take your Stations of the Cross internationally by visiting famous churches in other countries like the Seville Cathedral in Spain, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, or the Notre Dame in France. 

Make your own map for your virtual tour here:

CBCP Website

Some catholic websites, like the CBCP, have made it available for people to go on virtual Visita Iglesia through their websites. However, CBCP’s platform is unique in making it possible to go in a 360-degree view of the interiors of the church and have a full view of the Stations of the Cross in the area. 

CBCP’s platform allows users to also use virtual reality headsets in viewing the churches and prayer guides for each Station of the Cross. It’s a fun and interactive way to do your Visita Iglesia while still being able to move around the interiors of the church and enjoy its facades.

Visita Iglesia Laguna

Take a virtual trip to the churches of Laguna through the website map that also makes use of the Google Maps tool. This map, however, was personally customized to have a list of famous Laguna churches that you can visit for your Visita Iglesia while also noting the Station of the Cross for each visit. 

Most of the churches in Laguna have historical significance. While it may be challenging to drive to the areas yourself, as well as to avoid crowds, this map makes it easy to tour its churches while practicing holy observance at home.

Virtual Visita Iglesia Livestreams

Church groups use live streaming platforms like YouTube or Facebook to stream Visita Iglesia. The scheduled live streams show various churches and audio to recite the Stations of the Cross and text for viewers to join in the prayer. 

Livestreams are a great avenue nowadays to participate with a community who are also viewing the virtual Visita Iglesia at home. Instead of being in a crowd and physically being at the venue, live streaming can give you the same sense of being in a room full of people who have all gathered in worship during the Holy Week.

Going on a virtual Visita Iglesia, as well as attending masses online to observe the Holy Week, needs an internet connection that’s consistent and fast. You can avoid buffering or long loading screens with the Smart 5G, the Philippines’ fastest 5G mobile network. Download the GigaLife app now so you can avail of exciting data promos.

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