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Mobile Network Portability: Your Number is Yours Forever

If you’ve ever wanted to transfer to another Telco but can’t seem to do it as it means having to get a new number and messaging everyone on your contact list about it, then this new law that’s being implemented is definitely for you.

The Mobile Network Portability Act (RA 11202) was crafted and signed by the Philippine government to give every Filipino cellular user the freedom to keep their current phone number when switching mobile service providers.

This law allows you to finally jump ship or change plans from Prepaid to Postpaid, or vice versa with the least hassle as possible.

It’s also especially useful when the network coverage in your area isn’t living up to your expectations and you’d like to try the Philippines’ fastest 5G network.

Smart Communications together with other Telcos, through its joint venture called Telecommunications Connectivity Inc., all played a role in making this new service a reality, and have invested a whopping ₱120 million into this endeavor.

This massive undertaking is being overseen by Syniverse, third-party provider, to allow for a smooth and fair implementation of the Mobile Portability task.

“We want to make sure that we can give the best solutions and services to the Filipino people. Gusto natin pagaanin ang buhay at pasimplehan ang proseso para sa bawat telco subscriber by giving them the power of choice. Through mobile number portability, we are empowering our customers to pursue their passions and purpose. Ang DITO, Globe at Smart ay katuwang ng ating gobyerno upang palakasin ang telco industry sa Pilipinas,” according to Mario Tamayo, President, Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. SVP and Head of Technology, PLDT and Smart.

With the implementation of Mobile Network Portability (MNP), the Philippines joins countries like Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea, and New Zealand that have adopted this consumer-friendly system.

While the infrastructure cost is high, this is a FREE service that the Telcos are providing to their users.

MNP is great when you’ve had a mobile number for so long and you’ve used it for security protocols on various important apps (i.e. as part of 2-factor authentication or the phone number is linked to various online services and payment channels) but don’t want to go through the motions of re-assigning them all to a new number.

There are 2 MNP request that a subscriber can make.

One for Internal Porting or Intra MNP, and one for External Porting or External MNP.

Internal Porting simply means retaining your current Smart mobile number as you shift from Prepaid to Postpaid, or vice versa, within the Smart Network.

On the other hand, External Porting means that you can retain your number from another Telco, and finally join Smart.

In the service of RA 11202, anyone who wants to retain their cellular number can do so provided they adhere to certain criteria such as:

  • Have an active SIM and the requestor is the assignee of the mobile number to be ported
  • No remaining balance from your previous bill (for Postpaid)
  • No existing court prohibitions
  • No pending transfer of ownership

There are some other requirements so we have an FAQ on Mobile Number Portability if you want to learn more.

With Smart, jumping to the Philippines’ fastest 5G network has never been easier and more convenient.

In preparation for MNP’s implementation on September 30, find the right Smart Signature Postpaid plan which fits your needs or check out Smart Prepaid’s exciting promos on the GigaLife app.

For the full text of the Mobile Network Portability Act, you can read it on The Lawphil Project.

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