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Tips to Protect Your Smart Prepaid and Postpaid Accounts at All Times

Tips to Protect Your Smart Prepaid and Postpaid Accounts at All Times

With fake hacks involving Smart promos circulating online, it is crucial to be vigilant in processing your subscriptions and transactions. Various links have been reportedly luring Smart subscribers to websites that steal their GigaLife login details and personal info. To help you avoid such online scams, here are five tips to remember and practice at all times:

Transact only on official sites

This may be the glaring lesson from the recent fake hack. Stick to official and verified sites. Note that Smart’s Unli Data 99 and 299 subscriptions are available only on Smart GigaLife’s Don’t Miss Out portion, nowhere else. 

Click here for a full list of Smart’s online channels.

Never input your password outside of official platforms

Scammers are becoming creative in disguising links. They can even make a website look legitimate (e.g. is different from  If you have doubts, you can use online tools like Google’s site checker

Never share your OTP

Your One-Time Pin (OTP) is for you and you alone. Be very suspicious of calls, e-mails, SMS, or social media messages asking for this information. Keep in mind also that your GigaLife password or OTP is meant to be used with the GigaLife app only. For your protection, make sure you only transact via the GigaLife App at

Use multi-factor authentication 

MFA, whether it’s a security key, OTP, or device prompt, adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that only you can access your account. Think of it as the second or third lock to your account.

Limit the personal information you share on your social media

Information like your name, address, mobile number, email address, and password are needed to access your account. If this information is easily available on your social media, you become more susceptible to attacks by scammers. Smart’s cybersecurity team strongly recommends blocking suspicious messages from unknown numbers.

Keep these cybersecurity best practices in mind at all times so that you can enjoy being online on your phone while staying safe and secure. Stay vigilant while on the internet and make sure to report suspicious activities on your account the soonest.

For more information, visit our official website at or download the GigaLife App today. You may also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube for updates.

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