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Top 5 Mobile Games We Just Can’t Stop Playing

Top 5 Mobile Games We Just Can’t Stop Playing

In the mobile world, gaming gets a top spot in what people often do on their smartphones.

More specifically, according to a survey conducted by Rakuten Insight in April 2022, 80% of the respondents in the Philippines stated that they played online games. 

Are you a seasoned gamer looking for updates on your favorite games?

Perhaps you need an alternative game to take a breather from your main game’s current season?

Or maybe you’re new to the gaming world and want to get your feet wet?

Read on because either which way, we’ve got you covered. 

Subway Surfers

Downloads on Google Play: > 1 billion

Are you looking for a phone game to pass the time? This one has got your back because it never ends.

Subway Surfer was first launched in Google Play in 2018 and became the first title in the application store’s history to reach 1 billion downloads. 

The game’s premise begins when the graffiti-tagging protagonist, Jake (alternatively, one of Jake’s friends can be a player), escapes from the inspector and his canine.

However, this chase between Jake and the designated train inspector never ends.

As the game progresses, the player collects coins and avoids trains and obstacles while running through the subways of famous cities.

Developers: Kiloo, SYBO Games 

Latest update: Game of Mythology in Greece

Why you should play: The inclusion of modern street culture, fashion, and its overall youthful vibe makes this one such a stress reliever.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 

Downloads on Google Play: > 500 million

Mobile Legends is so popular in the Philippines that the country has its own professional league, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines, the most prestigious one in Southeast Asia.

At its core, Mobile Legends rivals 2 teams of 5 against each other, the basic premise of the game is a traditional battle arena. 

Players must then fight over three lanes to take the enemy’s tower and defend their own. There are more or less around 116 heroes in the game.

Developer: Moonton 

Latest update: Hyper Blend, a new arcade mode, is now available in the game for a limited time! In this mode, you can choose other heroes’ skills from a random skill pool and match them with your selected heroes.

Why you should play: A mental game where you can be highly creative and resourceful in your quest for victory!

PUBG Mobile

Downloads on Google Play > 500 million

You start the game with nothing. Like those post-apocalyptic movies, each player is required to scavenge for survival supplies and utilize the potential of the map terrain, vehicles, and items.

The goal is to become the last team standing on the battleground.

There are 100 players on an 8 x 8 km island, but there are smaller maps and different game modes.

PUBG Mobile climaxes in a battle with the last players standing.

Developer: Lightspeed & Quantum of Tencent Games

Latest update: The 2.1 update features exciting new cosmetics and vehicles.

Why you should play: The game allows players to strategize and think long-term. Also, being able to play in teams is part of what makes PUBG so appealing.

Genshin Impact 

Downloads on Google Play > 50 million

In this exciting game, players get their own party members gifted with different abilities plus their own weapons and gear.

The task is to defeat enemies in the game’s open world and dungeons.

Genshin Impact has gained so much popularity in the Philippines that it was one of the most Tweeted games in 2021.

Also, on the global scale, HoYoverse recently opened another office in Singapore, a blue and white 28,000 sq ft site.

Developer: HoYoverse

Latest update: Genshin’s 3.0 patch update coming on August 24 or 25 adds an expansive region called Sumeru, more endearing characters to collect, a new mysterious element called Dendro, and even more engaging events.

Why you should play: Pretty much like in top tier anime, the game art of the world is ace! Combine that with its adventure aspect, and you clearly have a winner! Also, since it’s an open world, there is the freedom to explore each and every nook and cranny, as opposed to games with linear ones. 


Download on Google Play: > 10 million

Speaking of structures, now you can build one with skies the limit. In Minecraft, you build structures—from the most basic to the most majestic.

As a player, you can choose to be in creative mode with unlimited resources or survival mode, where you get crafting weapons and armors to defend yourself against mobs.

Developer: Mojang Studios 

Latest update: The new Wild Update features new items and two brand-new biomes: Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp. The game also has four new mobs: frogs, tadpoles, Allay, and Warden. This and more surprises from Mojang Studios are waiting to be discovered. 

Why you should play: What you can do inside the game is so vast, like the game has held graduation ceremonies. It has also became a means for people with disabilities to socialize. 

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