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Win More Co-op Games with Voice Chat Apps

Win More Co-op Games with Voice Chat Apps

Playing online mobile games like the famous Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and PUBG Mobile with your friends requires stable communication to perfectly execute plays, just like Smart’s official esports teams, Smart Omega and Smart Omega Empress, do it. 

Playing in different locations means you’ll have to communicate with your team virtually.

While in-game voice chats are usually available, they typically have issues with connectivity and voice clarity – both essential, especially in high-caliber games.

However, as you might have experienced, in-game voice chats may be unreliable. A great alternative are 3rd party Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps.

These provide gamers with a more stable platform for communication, allowing them to reach their topmost potential and, of course, have much more fun.

Here are two of the best VoIP or Voice Chat apps you can use so you can stay connected with your friends while playing online games.


Discord is one of the most famous VoIP apps for gamers because of its ease of use and functionalities.

Unlike other VoIP apps like Skype and Messenger, where you have to dial in your call, Discord allows gamers to hop in and out of voice channels.

You can even adjust the voice volume of other members to optimize your experience (the volume only changes for you). 

Built for communities, Discord also allows you to make multiple voice and text channels in one server.

So if you have teams for different online games, you can make individual channels for each. 

Think of a Discord server as one large classroom, and each channel is a different corner of the room where your classmates can gather and play without being disturbed by others.

You may also create a general channel where all separate channels can come together and talk with each other.

Discord is free to use but has a premium subscription (Nitro) if you want more control of your server for only $9.99/month.


Though text chat is still available within the app, TeamSpeak focused on enhancing its voice channel’s audio quality.

As a result, it has a built-in automatic microphone audio adjustment, noise reduction, and echo cancellation for crystal-clear communication.

While this app doesn’t support video chats, unlike Discord, they take pride in its voice chat quality, which is one of the reasons why pro users often choose TeamSpeak over Discord as their in-game communication platform.

With military-grade security in place, TeamSpeak also boasts privacy and security measures. 

TS3, AES-based encryption, can be enabled for your whole server or for specific channels to ensure your communication is secured.

A decentralized infrastructure is also in place, which means that TeamSpeak can be hosted from anywhere and that, unlike Discord, you are not tied to the app’s server, so you’re sure your data is safe.

All these premium features are free for download on your PC, but the platform has a $0.99 fee for its mobile app that’s available on Android and iOS.

These apps are only some of the most used VoIP apps by gamers. Also, check other apps like Mumble or Ventrilo. 

Secure that victory with great communication

When playing competitive online games with your friends, ensure you can communicate with them clearly and effectively.

It’s also best if you and your team can develop your in-game jargon so you can better understand each other while playing.

However, do remember that while VoIP apps help you get your message across, it will always boil down to how you and your team communicate with each other.

Learn from other pro teams and witness how they give out cues and commands to each other and try to adapt their style.

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