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5 Action-Packed Movies and Shows to Keep Your Adrenaline Pumping

5 Action-Packed Movies and Shows to Keep Your Adrenaline Pumping

As we enter the middle of the year, the excitement of the first quarter comes to a close and the mid-year lull slowly settles in. Lucky for us, the same can’t be said for the lineup of films and TV shows that Netflix is bringing to the table. One such movie is Extraction 2, the follow-up to 2020’s intense, bombastic action flick starring Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a military man-turned mercenary with a heart that’s surprisingly bigger than any gun he brandishes. 

However, before you sink your teeth into Extraction 2, it’s best to get you primed and ready with a few movies and shows bringing the same amount of action and excitement that Netflix is known to deliver.


If you’re a fan of gritty, brutal, and very realistic combat scenes that push the envelope, then you’ve probably watched Extraction. If you haven’t, you’re guaranteed a wild ride. Tyler Rake is a mercenary on a mission. His objective is simple: rescue the son of an Indian crime lord, get paid, and call it a day. As with the theme of most movies of this nature, we all know it can’t be all too easy.

Sam Hargraves’ direction is a masterclass that incorporates no-nonsense action with top-tier cinematography. You get wild shootouts, exciting car chases, heavy-hitting hand-to-hand combat, and a gruff, glistening Chris Hemsworth who just can’t catch a break.

Influenced by old school 90s action movies and borrowing elements from cinematic spectacles like The Raid: Redemption and John Wick, Extraction is one movie that any action aficionado will not want to miss.

Black Knight

When you think of K-drama, the element of action might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Usually, we take note of the cinematography, the acting, and most of all, the writing. That being said, action always finds its way into some of K-drama’s best forms of media, and you can’t deny just how well it meshes into the story. The new series Black Knight is proof of this.

The series takes place in 2071 amidst a dystopian world brought by an environmental rapture. We follow the exploits of “5-8”, a weary, yet hardy delivery driver who’s part of the 1% of humanity that’s survived. Kim Woo-bin brings the tension, intimidation, and action in his portrayal of the indomitable 5-8, who, as we’ll learn as the story unfolds, has more mystery behind him than one would think.

The vast, desolate wasteland of 2071 is portrayed beautifully in its own harrowing way. The dust, ruins, and familiar remnants of modern life fit in so well with the sci-fi theme of a world gone wrong. So, if you’re into dark, post-apocalyptic sci-fi with great action, then you might want to check all six episodes of Black Knight on Netflix.

The Mother

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to beating people up on film, and at 53, she isn’t slowing down anytime soon. There is much proof of this in The Mother, her latest foray into the action genre that sees her portraying the eponymous titular character who’s on a different, more dangerous mission than usual.

As a retired assassin and government operative, The Mother has to come out of hiding after learning that her 12-year-old child is in jeopardy. What follows is an action-espionage thriller that brings you coast to coast as Jennifer Lopez flaunts her skills, gunning down bad guys and eliminating anyone who gets in her way.

This is an action film that showcases both intensity and emotion in its scenes. As the title suggests, this is, indeed, the story of a mother who will do anything to protect her child. It doesn’t matter what the cost is, or what obstacle is ahead. She will much sooner sacrifice her own life than let anyone lay a finger on the one she treasures most.

If you’re looking for a film that can make you jump out of your seat and perhaps shed a few tears, then you should definitely watch The Mother.


We go from motherly love to fatherly overprotectiveness this time with FUBAR, an action-comedy series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro who portray a father-daughter duo with a few more issues between them than the ammunition in their firearms.

While we’ve come to know and love Arnold for his action movie prowess, we tend to forget that he is a genuinely funny guy. This couldn’t be more evident in his portrayal of Luke Brunner, a CIA operative who believes he’s got everything locked down at home. Little does he know that his daughter, Emma, has been a fellow CIA operative for a long time. 

Monica Barbaro and Arnold Schwarzenegger have really good chemistry, and the fact that they can pull off some really good action scenes together helps make this series shine. While hijinks and shenanigans definitely ensue, the gunshots and explosions make sure to follow right after. This guarantees you’ll either be at the edge of your seat or having a good laugh. 

So far, we have one season and eight episodes. A second season could be in the works, but we’ll let you theorize the probability of FUBAR coming back after you’ve watched it.

Extraction 2

After two years, we get a second installment to the awesome, action-packed movie Extraction. We won’t hold our breaths, but this could hopefully be a potential franchise. Since we clearly see Chris Hemsworth in the trailer, we know our main guy did not kick the bucket in the first film.

Extraction 2 takes place nine months later with Tyler Rake surviving the events of the first film. He’s been on the mend, away from civilization, yet he’s still haunted by the mysteries of his past and his own existence. After realizing that the peaceful life of a hermit was never a choice for him, he suits up, taking the reins as a black-ops mercenary one more time.

From India, we’re going transcontinental as Tyler is sent to Georgia and tasked to rescue a gangster’s family from the prison they are sent to. As expected, the prison is heavily fortified and those around it are out for blood. Tyler did cheat death once, but the stakes are raised much higher this time.

Making his directorial return, Sam Hargrave aims to not only follow up on Extraction, but go even further in the sequel. Produced by the legendary Russo Brothers, we can expect even more of what we enjoyed from Tyler Rake’s very first Extraction. We’re talking about more action, more excitement, and possibly an unbelievable helicopter fight.

If you’re just as hyped as we are, then make sure to catch Extraction 2 once it starts streaming on Netflix this June 16. These are but a few action-packed movies and shows you can check out on Netflix, and with Extraction 2 coming out, you have more reason to keep watching. Truth be told, there’s always room for a bit of action in our lives, and a stable internet connection guarantees you won’t need to stop for anyone.

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