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How Murderville Deals with Solving Elaborate Crimes Minus a Script

How Murderville Deals with Solving Elaborate Crimes Minus a Script

Murderers are on the loose, but fear not! Terry Seattle, played by Will Arnett, and many celebrities who play themselves are on the case in Murderville, a new original comedy series on Netflix this February. The most exciting part of it all is that while Arnett and the rest of the cast know where the story is headed, the celebrity guests do not. Instead, the guest celebrities are left to improvise their way through the episode. 

Murderville is heavily based on the BBC3 series Murder in Successville that ran for three seasons starring Tom Davis. Similar to the Netflix show, it featured a lot of improvisation elements with a different guest celebrity each episode who served as the detective’s trusty sidekick.

A New Crime to Solve Every Week

Doing their best to keep a straight face and make sense of the ridiculous developments in the case, the celebrity guests are thrown into the deep end as they try to put a different set of puzzle pieces together every episode and find out who the killer is through the help of clues that are scattered throughout the scenes.

These cases, of course, won’t be solved in a matter of a few steps. Distractions abound to add another layer of difficulty to the case, and the apprentices must be quick on their feet as they try their best to stay in character and make for a few chuckles here and there.

Anything is possible in the world of improv, with actors having the opportunity to make it their own instead of subscribing to the comedy genre’s usual “yes-and” ethos. Truly, the only way to make a successful episode in this series is to just roll with the punches and strike a balance between taking their role seriously and injecting a dose of their personal wit and humor, too. So prepare to see an Emmy-nominated guest assemble elaborate pastries while another eats a meal doused in hot sauce right in front of them, among many other outlandish scenarios.

No VIP Treatment for these Celebrity Guests

Will Arnett stars in Murderville as Terry Seattle, an eccentric detective who is tasked to solve a brand new murder alongside clueless celebrity guests. Arnett is best known for his role as Gob Bluth on Arrested Development and for lending his voice in the Netflix animated series Bojack Horseman and as Batman in The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. Interestingly enough, he appeared in the crime show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit back in 2002 where he played a contrasting role as the suspect.

The best of these guest stars include comedian extraordinaire Conan O’Brien, former NFL player Marshawn Lynch,  and actors Kumail Nanjiani and Annie Murphy, who recently won an Emmy for her role on “Schitt’s Creek.” A clear standout was Marshawn Lynch with his cool,  effortless acting—perfect contrast to the instense and insecure head homicide detective Terry Seattle. Also included are Casino star Sharon Stone and the hilarious Ken Jeong in an explosive finale.

There will also be additional recurring characters, played by Haneefah Wood (Truth Be Told) as Chief Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle, Lilan Bowden (Andi Mack) as Amber Kang and Philip Smithey (Johnson) as Darren Daz Phillips.

Find out which among these celebrity guest detectives crack the code without cracking themselves up too much along the way. 

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