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Celebs share their Smart moves in life

Celebs Share Their Smart Moves in Life

Enjoying your best life is all about making smart, pivotal moves.

Whether it’s as major as moving out of the city for a simpler and more balanced life, or as simple as committing to a skincare routine to improve your looks or switching to a faster mobile network to achieve more – your every smart move you leads you closer to your goal and makes life more meaningful and fulfilling. 

To give everyone a dose of inspiration, we asked celebrities about what they consider as their smart move in life using #MakeTheSmartMove.

Here are their insightful revelations: 

“To focus on the good things that might happen” – Maine Mendoza 

“Life is too short to live with regrets,” says TV personality Maine Mendoza, who, in the past, would burden herself worrying about things that could go wrong.

Whenever a new opportunity presents itself, she would always have second thoughts and would only end up regretting her decisions.

This time, she makes the smart move of focusing on the possibilities and to enjoy every moment. 

“To be grateful” – Hidilyn Diaz 

To achieve her dream of winning a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, weightlifting champ Hidilyn Diaz made the smart move of hiring Chinese coach Gao Kaiwen in her team.

“It changed my life for the best,” she says.

Now that Gao is homebound to China, Hidilyn remains grateful and promises to always put to heart the things she learned from Gao. 

“To spend more time with family” – Luis Manzano 

With a loaded work schedule, it’s unavoidable to miss out on the things that really matter, like making beautiful memories with the people you love most.

Host, actor, content creator, and entrepreneur Luis Manzano reveals this to be one of his biggest regrets, which is why over the past few months, he made the smart move to commit to making time for his family.

“It made me appreciate love, family, and relationships even more,” he says. 

“To help yourself and do your part for society” – Matteo Guidicelli 

For actor, athlete, and podcast host Matteo Guidicelli, getting the anti-COVID-19 vaccine is one of the smartest moves he has made yet.

While he respects everyone’s opinion and decision about vaccination, he encourages people to make a selfless choice.

“Getting the shot is the best thing we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our community,” he says. 

“To choose wellness and happiness” – Katarina Rodriguez 

Self-care is absolutely important, especially if another life is depending on you.

For soon-to-be mom Katarina Rodriguez, moving to Siargao for a healthy and happy pregnancy has been a great decision.

“Having the sunlight, ocean, fresh air, and nature accessible at all times has surely helped make this amazing transition into motherhood smooth and easy,” she says.  

“To be an independent woman” – Almira Teng 

Host and content creatorAlmira Teng is embracing the big change of owning her life and makes the smart move to step out of her comfort zone.

From being hands-on in accomplishing her daily errands to handling her own career and financial decisions, the newly independent Almira says, “[The experience] opened my eyes to more possibilities and opportunities I could explore on my own.” 

“To be brave” – DJ Suzy 

Sometimes, great opportunities pass us by because of how strongly we hold on to our sentiments and nostalgia.

But by slowly letting go of our fears, we could be opening our doors to greater things.

Radio DJ and host Suzy is a testament to how change can affect us positively: “There was a time in my life when making a choice would quite literally terrify me.

But I recently made a really big one that inspired a wave of small but significant changes that I know have contributed massively to making a better me.” 

“To change my mindset” – Krissha Viaje 

Artist Krissha Viaje has always been held back by her fear of her own imperfections.

But she soon realized that it’s impossible to be perfect and the way to live a happier life is to change her own perspectives.

“I choose to loosen up, focus more on my positive aspects, surround myself with people that help me boost my confidence, and enjoy simple things in life.” 

“To give yourself a little credit” – Gino Quillamor 

Making decisions, whether big or small, is indeed a daunting task that makes us doubt ourselves a lot of times.

The process of decision-making alone, coupled with the fear of making the wrong choice, can take a toll on our own happiness.

But host and DJ Gino Quillamor reminds us to make the smart move of going easy on ourselves.

“Give yourself a little. Sometimes we also make Smart choices.” 

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