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Mobile Number Portability: switch to Smart and keep your number with these simple steps.

MNP Guide: How to Switch to Smart and Keep Your Mobile Number

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) launched on September 30 in the Philippines, and it now gives users more flexibility with their mobile life. 

We’ve written about why MNP is a big deal recently, but if you missed it, here’s a quick refresher.

MNP lets you keep your existing 11-digit mobile number, even if you decide to switch to a new mobile service provider or change from prepaid to a postpaid plan or vice versa.

This is great for a variety of reasons, and not just because you won’t have to memorize a new mobile number.

Why MNP is important

Before, you would have to let your contacts know that you changed to a new mobile number when you switched to a postpaid plan or a new SIM.

Thanks to MNP, changing your plan or even your network will no longer be a hassle.

Imagine if you changed your mobile number just to switch to a new network.

What’s worse is for business cards, you must either write over each card, or have a new batch printed.

With MNP you won’t have to worry about any of these things if you want to switch up your mobile network or plan.

This is great news, especially now that 5G connectivity is rolling out and not all networks have a wide 5G network.

If you live in an area that now has Smart 5G connectivity, you can easily switch over to Smart to enjoy the country’s fastest 5G network, all while keeping your mobile number.

Who can apply for MNP

The following subscribers of different networks can switch over to Smart without changing their mobile number:

  • Globe Prepaid to Smart Prepaid
  • Globe Postpaid to Smart Postpaid
  • TM to TNT
  • DITO Prepaid to Smart Prepaid
  • Globe Platinum to Smart Infinity

Meanwhile, Smart Prepaid/TNT users can change to Smart Postpaid or vice versa while keeping their numbers.

MNP requirements

If you’re interested in switching to Smart, here are the requirements you need to meet:

  • Your mobile number must be active.
  • Your mobile number has no unpaid account charges.
  • You are using a Smart-locked or an open-line handset.
  • Your mobile number is not part of any product or service bundle.
  • Your mobile number must not be the primary or principal holder of multiple accounts.
  • Your mobile number must not have a pending transfer of mobile number ownership request.
  • Your mobile number has not been recently activated and/or has not applied for the MNP within the last 60 days.
  • Your mobile number is not associated with any fraudulent activity.

How to switch to Smart from another network

Now that you have the requirements, you’ll need to get your Unique Subscriber Code (USC) which is only valid for 15 days.

You can get your USC by following these simple steps:

  • For Globe customers: Text USC to 5050 and follow the instructions.
  • For DITO customers: Contact DITO Hotline at 185.

Once you have your USC, fill up this application form with your details, including your USC.

You’ll also need to show a copy of a government-issued ID, as well as proof of ownership of your existing mobile number.

To transfer to a Smart Postpaid plan, you’ll also need the Standard Postpaid Application Requirements, as well as your last Postpaid Statement of Account, if moving from a postpaid plan from another network.

How to change between Smart Prepaid and Postpaid

For existing Smart Prepaid, TNT, and Sun subscribers, switching over to a Postpaid plan while keeping an existing mobile number can be done by booking an appointment at a Smart Store. Here are the requirements that need to be presented:

  1. Any Valid ID.
  2. Proof of Ownership of SIM (for Prepaid only). Learn More
  3. Standard Postpaid Application Requirements (for Postpaid only). Learn More

This can also be done by Smart Postpaid subscribers that want to transfer to Smart Prepaid or TNT.

For more info on Smart MNP, click here.

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