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How the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Makes Short Video Content Creation Easy

How the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Makes Short Video Content Creation Easy

Short-form videos such as TikTok videos, Stories, Shorts, and Reels have quickly become the most popular type of digital content for people to create, share, and view. After all, they’re easier to make and ingest than long-form videos, while also conveying more information than photos. 

Expectedly, Samsung has taken notice of this continually growing trend and designed its latest smartphone with it in mind. Here’s a look at how the Galaxy Z Flip5 can make short-form content creation incredibly easy for you.

Quick and easy videos with the Flex Window

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5’s Flex Window—the secondary display that can be used when the device is folded—can be utilized to take short videos quickly and easily. Its position beside the Galaxy Z Flip5’s main camera also means you get to take the best quality videos the phone can offer.

The Galaxy Z Flip5’s main camera consists of a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera.

To start taking videos with the Flex Window, simply launch the camera app that’s featured in the Flex Window shortcuts or double-tap the power button. You can also tweak the camera app’s settings from the Flex Window, including changing the video aspect ratio, resolution, and framerate.

Everyone can see with Dual Preview

When you’re shooting short-form content with someone else holding the camera, you can use the Galaxy Z Flip5’s Dual Preview feature, which displays the camera preview on both the smartphone’s main display and Flex Window.

To activate Dual Preview, simply tap its icon in the Galaxy Z Flip5’s camera app. You’ll no longer have to ask if you’re in frame or how well you look on camera, thanks to the Dual Preview feature.

Forget tripods with Flex Mode

Thanks to its Flex Mode, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 lets you take hands-free videos without the need for a tabletop tripod or smartphone holder. The new hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip5 allows you to unfold the device only as much as you need to control the angle of the camera.

Just set the hinge to your desired angle, launch the camera app, and set down the device. With the Galaxy Z Flip5’s Flex Mode, you can start shooting your latest short-form video anytime and anywhere.

Keep yourself centered with auto framing

Keeping yourself in the middle of the frame when you’re shooting short-form videos can be tough at times, especially when the video you’re trying to take involves a lot of movements such as dancing.

Thankfully, Samsung’s Auto Framing feature tracks you and your movements to keep you in the middle of the shot. To activate, simply tap the Auto Framing icon in the camera app.

No lighting problems with Nightography 

Lasty, Samsung’s Nightography technology lets you take up to 4K resolution videos even when lighting conditions aren’t their best.

The feature uses a combination of the Galaxy Z Flip5’s powerful cameras, software, and AI to capture clearer videos that are more stable and feature less noise even in low light environments.

To activate Nightography, just launch the camera app, swipe to the camera modes, and select Night. 

The Galaxy Z Flip5’s suite of hardware and features makes taking videos for short-form content easier than ever. Its powerful camera and Nightography mode make sure that you’re getting excellent footage all the time while features such as Flex Window, Dual Preview, and Flex Mode make the process quick and convenient.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is currently available through both Smart Signature Plans+ and Smart Signature Plan with Device from Plan 999 and above. You can sign up for a Smart Signature Plan and pay a one-time cash out for as low as PHP 36,100 or choose a monthly installment plan starting at PHP 1,000/month with a PHP 13,200 downpayment to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 today.

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