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Gear up for the upcoming national election this 2022.

Let’s Make the 2022 Elections a Success

The extended registration for the 2022 elections has come to an end, and the only thing that’s left is the elections itself.

It’s safe to say that we all want what’s best for our country, and one way to accomplish that is by staying properly informed.

It’s important to know facts from opinions and misleading information when making such important decisions.

We’ve made a list to help you do your part in making sure the upcoming 2022 National Elections is a successful one.

Know that each vote counts

As written on the IPER Citizen – Voter Education Module, “every individual political choices and decisions made by the citizen voters will determine the kind of government that will serve them.”

This means that your future will depend on how you vote. You should know and trust the people you’ll be voting for.

They should represent the values you want to upkeep and instill amongst your family for the immediate future and the decades to come. 

Read more on the history of elections so you can better understand how your vote matters.

You may read up on its brief history here.

Do your research on all candidates

For you to know who the best candidates are, do your research on all of them.

Make a comprehensive check on each candidate, and make sure you gather information from credible outlets.

When checking on the background of re-electionists for national positions, gather information on their passed republic acts, bills, and laws through the Senate’s official website, or the House of Representatives’ website

When looking for previous news that the candidates have been involved in, only trust credible news outlets such as CNN Philippines, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, or Manila Bulletin.

You may also check this list of the most trusted news agencies.

You can also use digital news apps produced by credible news agencies.

By doing this, you immediately know that all articles you see are generally factual and accurate, and are authored by reputable journalists.

You may check out CNN Philippines News, Inquirer Plus, ABS-CBN News, GMA News, or Google News.

Help others see reliable and credible news

According to House Bill no. 6022, or the Anti-Fake News Act of 2017, fake news is described as: 1.) misquotation or the false and/or inaccurate report of one’s statement, 2.) editing audio or video which results in the distortion of facts and/or the context, or 3.) purely fabricated content. 

Whenever you see people who are consciously or unknowingly spreading fake news, you can respectfully let them know that the information they are spreading is inaccurate.

Help them be properly informed by providing them with information or articles that are from reliable outlets.

Remember to reach out diplomatically, and to not engage with troll posts or personal attacks.

Here are some ways to spot fake news. 

1. Confirm the source

Check if the article’s source is credible and reliable.

If the article redirects you to another website, check the URL if it looks legitimate.

You may want to check if their website has an “About” page to see the background of their company.

2. Check the author

If the article has an author, do some search on Google or Bing and check the author’s background.

Is the author connected with reliable news providers? Or are they somebody who just publishes editorials, personal opinions, or ideas?

3. Take note of the headline and content

If the article sensationalizes issues, uses excessive punctuation marks, has plenty of typographical errors, and seems to be written with emotions, there’s a great chance you’ve stumbled upon a fake article.

Common characteristics of news articles are accurate, balanced, objective, concise, and current. 

It’s also important to know that not all public figures are spreading factual news and articles.

If you’re idolizing someone, a musician, a celebrity, or a businessman, it’s still important for you to double check their sources and call them out if they are spreading misinformation.

Remain impartial and keep an open mind

If you’re already set on a certain candidate, you are most likely to disregard other negative information you’ll stumble upon.

Always remember to keep an open mind. It’s great that you already have a candidate you want to support, but try not to disregard facts that are against your candidate. 

At the same time, you mustn’t also quickly disregard other candidates’ achievements just because they are on the opposing team.

It’s important to stay impartial when deciding who to vote for, as the results will not only affect you, but your entire community as well.

Always look for the core values you want to see in the person who will be leading you, and do not settle for less.

If you’re still not aware of who’s running for positions in the 2022 National Elections, you may see the tentative list posted on the Commission of Election’s website. 

Download the GigaLife App now, and register for a data promo so you can start researching and doing your part in securing a successful election.

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