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5 Tips to Manage Your Digital Life with Smart's Power All Promo

5 Tips to Manage Your Digital Life with Smart’s Power All Promo

Maintaining work or school productivity and balancing it with your personal life has become a challenge due to our fast-paced, digitally-driven society.

It can be tough to come up with concrete results when juggling many tasks at work, school, and home. 

Add to that the endless barrage of data that demands our attention.

The good news is that with Smart’s Power All promo, you can power through those hurdles and shift into high productivity.

Here are some Smart tips to follow that can get you the results you need at work or in school, while avoiding burnout:

Manage your messages, learn to prioritize

What can slow down productivity is missing out on those important text messages crucial to your job or school work.

Sometimes, checking them as they pop up on our smartphones can be a chore

The more social-media-inclined want to do DMs and PMs in their chat groups and forget text messages altogether.

Another challenge in consistently checking text messages is cost.

Power All ensures you get the text messages you need without worrying about paying extra by giving you unlimited all-net texts.

With that out of the way, the next thing to do is manage these messages. Set specific time frames for checking them.

It can be a simple enough schedule like after breakfast, during lunch breaks, or before dinner.

You can also pick specific time frames, like 30 minutes before a class or an important meeting.

Finally, you can also set reminders with your phone’s alarm system.

If a friend or colleague promises to send you an important work-related text message by 10 a.m., set your alarm a minute before AND after it comes.

Filter and tag those group messages

Some of us have at least three group chats that we follow on Viber, Telegram, Facebook, and other messenger groups. They are a mixed bag, personal and professional.

It can be exciting to read and catch up on what our friends and colleagues are sharing, from the humorous to the hard news, but it can also drown us in conversations that are not just not relevant to what we are doing.

Still, it sometimes can be infuriating and annoying enough to sap our energy.

So how do we keep being productive without isolating ourselves from these online watercooler convos?

Prioritize and set a schedule for those you check first instead of those you have to check last.

Classify the chat groups based on your own needs and preferences.

The family would have to come first, followed by Work or School groups.

Then maybe Friends and BFFs can go next. Once you have ranked them, rank the sub-groups inside them. 

For example, Family would have Family as sub-group #1, Siblings as sub-group #2, and then Uncles, Aunts, and Uncles as #3.

When it comes to Work, you might have groups separated according to Projects, Clients, or Managers.

School can be divided according to Subjets, Extra-curricular Groups, and Projects. Combining them can trim the fat. 

Scrolling every group now and then alone can take you a couple of hours without knowing.

So again, now that you know which to prioritize, have the mental discipline to look at them first—and then on set hours.

Check Projects after finishing a certain document. Look at Family during lunch or at the end of the day.

Of course, you can always break the rule during certain emergencies or if you want to vent to a colleague or BFF should the pressure pile up.

Calling might be better than chatting or texting

If there is one thing that the hybrid set-up taught us during the pandemic, it’s that talking via old-fashioned (smart)phone calls might be ultimately more productive than texting or even chatting.

During the lockdowns, while we were relieved at not having to go through daily traffic anymore, we missed the in-person conversations and F2F meetings.

While texting and chatting is great for short convos that get everyone involved and can lead to instant decisions, they do not exactly convey the depth of emotions, sub-texts, and personality nuances that help us better understand our colleagues (or classmates).

And, sometimes, in the heat of things or the mad rush of deadlines and deliverables, seemingly cold or monotoned text or chat messages rub us the wrong way.

We tend to feel judged, criticized, ignored, misunderstood, or even talked down. As a result, unnecessary conflict arises.

An actual live conversation over zoom or a smartphone avoids all this drama.

Right away, we get what the other person is saying; if there is ambiguity or confusion, we can ask immediately.

Hearing the tone of the other person also reduces grounds for misinterpretation.

Issues are settled harmoniously and professionally, and the work proceeds to the next stage without interruption.

Tiktok (or video stream) your way to success

Videos, live stream or recorded, have become the first choice of digital natives when it comes to getting information or an unforgettable virtual experience, whether for home, school, or work purposes.

If you want to convey your mood to your followers, dance away!

If you want to show how smart or skilled you are in any topic, catch and stream it on video.

Tiktok has also caught the attention of brand managers, business heads, and professionals.

It has become a platform to showcase the strength of a brand, product, or service.

Invest time, energy, and (yes) money in mastering the art (and business) of making videos, especially through Tiktok.

You might see your value rising, along with your engagements.

Make your smartphone a power platform

The tips above are a guideline on maximizing all those functions in your smartphone and making them work for you to make you more productive without stress.

Come up with a list and see how you can combine them: a schedule for when you would get more results if you chat or call, or plan to produce those videos, release them, and share them on social media.

Productivity is a matter of planning and preparation.

In today’s world, that also means adept handling of the online tools at your disposal through your ubiquitous smartphone.

Smart’s Power All has unlimited texts, calls, and Tiktok use.

Understand how each feature works, optimize them for your benefit, and power yourself to a promotion or get better grades without succumbing to stress.

Click here to learn how to subscribe to Smart’s Power All promo!

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