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Tech Tips to Improve Working From Home

As more and more people start to get used to the work from home setup, turning into our very own IT support might be the biggest challenge we face daily.

It’s a good thing technology is an ever evolving industry which means there are still ways for us to unleash our inner IT skills and maximize working from home. 

Here are a few tech tips to make working from home easier, less daunting, and more fun.

Block distracting site during optimal hours

The internet gives us access to just about any type of information we may need.

While this makes working from home possible, it can also be the very reason we’re not optimizing our productivity hours.

Sometimes you find yourself in a blackhole of interesting or funny videos or memes, social media posts, and even juicy gossip news instead of focusing on getting your tasks done. 

The key is website blocker tools–aside from discipline, of course.

These tools block distracting websites or even the internet connection itself when you need it most.

You can just schedule when the block should happen, and let the app do its work. Some apps and tools are even able to block synced devices so you can be sure to stay focused on your task at hand.

If you’re an iPhone user, this might be the best time to update to iOS 15 and enjoy the Focus feature.

This allows you to select from a list of options which apps can send you notifications and which can’t.

With that, you won’t be bothered by notifications that can only distract you from doing your work.

Sharing your calendar with team mates and stakeholders

It can be really distracting when you’re working on something or in a meeting, then someone sends you a message or calls you.

The best way to go about this is to make your calendar visible to your team and other stakeholders like clients, suppliers, and even friends.

This works best when everyone in the team has visible calendars so you know when the best time to collaborate or discuss it, and won’t need to waste time cancelling and rescheduling calls over and over again.

Create a shared online folder

Working remotely with various people requires transferring of files after files.

Sometimes you even have to worry about how heavy the file is, and would waste a lot of time downloading or uploading documents, images, or even videos you need for work. 

The best way to go about this is to set up shared folders within the team.

That way everyone has access to any important file whenever they need it.

Not to mention, you can also work simultaneously through Google apps like Sheets, Slides, or Docs to save time and bring the collaborative setup of the office into your homes.

Track projects real-time 

If you haven’t tried project-management apps yet, then you’re missing out a lot.

These tools and apps allow you to create tasks, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track how long a team member has been working on a specific task. 

There are a number of free and paid options online like Cloud-based suites like Google and Microsoft Office.

These allow you to easily collaborate with your team mates through real-time checking and working on documents and deliverables easily.

But the key thing to remember here is to choose the one that’s perfect for your team’s work process.

Make sure that the app is utilized properly so it’s not an added task for everyone, but a tool that makes everyone’s work life easier. 

Be strict with your work hours

This isn’t necessarily a tech tip, but more a way to maintain productivity through work and life balance.

It’s important to respect your own hours so you know how to respect others’ as well since the visual cues of the end of the working day are no longer available in the work from home setup.

If you’re working in a room with no access to natural light — to determine whether it’s daytime or nighttime — why not try installing smart lights?

They light up and dim along with the sun’s schedule so you have your very own visual cues.

This way, you won’t fall prey to overworking which eventually leads to a drop in productivity.

Make sure you have all the tools and apps you need to maximize your work from home setup. And stay connected through GigaWork

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