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Tips on How to Nab Black Friday Deals Online

Tips on How to Nab Black Friday Deals Online

With the lockdown blues still going around in some locations, it’s worthwhile to treat yourself to massive discounts this coming Black Friday, November 26.

The Black Friday sale is typically a more US-centric sale, and as such, the biggest discounts will come from US retailers.

But how can you get that sweet gadget or item from halfway around the world? Here’s a quick guide that can hopefully help you tick off your Black Friday wishlist deals.

Start scouting your favorite online shops from the US like Gamestop, Target, Amazon and the likes

Sometimes the week after Halloween, some US shops already line their stores and online pages with potential Black Friday deals and promos.

Black Friday is usually the kick-off for Holiday shopping in the US.

According to Ecommerce News, 30% of all retail sales occur from Black Friday till Christmas.

Electronics also get the best deals during this time (from Black Friday to Cyber Mondays) so if you’ve been eyeing any specific gadget that’s only sold abroad, now would be a great time to hunt for those.

Check if they ship directly to the Philippines and if it would cost you more to do so directly

Some online stores in the US might not ship directly to the Philippines, and even when they do, it might be too expensive (like with Amazon).

Hence, using 3rd party courier services or freight forwarders is an important factor when buying from online US retailers.

These companies provide a way to ship items bought from the US to the Philippines.

Typically, you can ship your purchase to their receiving facilities in the US and then they will ship the items to you.

We summarized a few of these key points.

  Air or Sea Cargo option Consolidate Ships from other countries (eg. UK) Door to Door
ShippingCart Yes Yes Yes Yes
Johnny Air Cargo Yes Yes* No Yes
Buyandship No Yes Yes Yes
MyShoppingBox Yes No Yes Yes
Jinio No Yes No Yes
*Consolidation for sea cargo option only        

Some companies give you the option of choosing Air cargo or Sea cargo.

Shipping via air can be expensive so if you’re not in a rush, shipping by sea can be a cheaper alternative.

Consolidation means you can buy from multiple stores, and then they will group all packages and ship it as one.

Some of these companies also have locations in other countries like the UK, EU, or Australia.

And lastly, most of these companies will ship the item directly to your door.

Getting a VPN will help you shop at specific online stores to get more discounts

Not all brands and shops will participate in Black Friday sales.

Some international brands will have a dedicated international website for those browsing from the Philippines or Asia-Pacific region and will restrict you from accessing or buying from their US or UK counterpart sites.

When you access a website here in the Philippines, it redirects you to the international site of the same name where prices are a bit higher than on their US online store.

This is where a VPN comes into play, which allows you to access or shop from sites which might have better deals than being restricted to a brand or shop’s international site.

For VPNs needs like this, we suggest getting Nord VPN as its not as costly as others and would be sufficient for your needs. Plus, it’s one of the most highly rated VPNs based on independent reviews.

No US Credit Card? Use PayMaya

To make online transactions more secure, or if you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can use online payment platforms like PayMaya and their virtual card.

Smart has regular cashback promos for using PayMaya.

With Smart’s leading 5G Network, you can get ahead and complete your wishlist for those Black Friday Sale deals.

Choose the right promo for your surfing and shopping needs easily by downloading the GigaLife app.

Not on the Smart network and want in on the fastest 5G network in the PH? Click here for our guide on how to transfer easily while retaining your number.


As with anything shipping related, these providers carry some amount of risk. While many are indeed satisfied generally with their service, there are a few stories of delayed or lost shipment. We encourage you to research a bit more on selecting your courier of choice. Happy Black Friday deal hunting, everyone!






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